Free SOLD!! Litespeed Ultimate Titanium Road Bike Frame

Published date: July 15, 2014
Modified date: October 8, 2014
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ST- 49.5 ctc TT-53cm ctc
Top Condition! See actual to appreciate!

Light scratch on a carbon seatstay from mounting in car, does not have significant effect on performance.

IMPORTANT: This frame is made by Litespeed and was branded as a Douglas frame. Titanium Douglas frames were made by at least three different manufactures over the years and sold by Colorado Cyclist. I have confirmed with Litespeed that this frame is a Litespeed Ultimate.
FROM LITESPEED: “Our records are showing a frame with the serial number 51021 is a Litespeed Ultimate..."

This frame was branded as a Douglas frame with a model name of Precision Plus. Removed the frame decals (except the headbadge and made in the USA) and replaced them with a Litespeed Ultimate frame decal set. The 3AL 2.5V Blend 6AL 4V Titanium sticker on the seatpost is from the decal set and it replaced the 3AL 2.5V decal. This frame should not have any 6AL 4V titanium … the actual Litespeed model would have utilized a 6AL 4V downtube.


Length of Use: 2 Years
Contact No. / Details: 9327779627
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